Sunday, December 30, 2012

Boracay Part 2 Vacation

Day 0 - December 25, 2012

Our flight was 17:00 going to Kalibo airport. We were picked up by a tricycle at around 18:00 then head to 4A's Hotel which was newly opened located at Pastrana St. Our travel was around 30 minutes from the airport. Our 2N/1D accommodation were free because the wedding couple which we attended paid for it except for a 150.00 cost for pick up. The hotel was in the town proper - near McDonalds, Jollibee, Andok's and Mercury Drugstore and a gasoline station - i think it was petron.

We had our dinner at McDonalds operating 24 hrs. Jollibee was 100 meters away from McDo. It was already raining when we get to Kalibo, it was signal number 1 at the moment, but the rain shower was light only. For those who will arrive at Kalibo in the evening you may check in to the nearby hotels - Marzon Hotel, to 4A's or to RB Hotel. There were also few hotels near Marzon but i sort of
 forgot the name hehe. Anyways, I was there to attend a wedding and not as a traveller.

Day 1 - December 26, 2012

Woke up at 8 in the morning, prepare ourselves. The weather was still bad and signal number was still up.
At 10 am we head towards Marzon's Hotel for my sister's make up. The wedding started at past 15:00 reception followed at Terranova Garden. It was a good function place.

After the wedding, we just go straight to our hotel. The hotel has WIFI so no need to worry if you'll get bored. Just ask the receptionist for the password.

Day 2 - December 27, 2012

Woke up at 6 am as our pick up time in Kalibo airport was 8:00 am. Due to bad weather a lot of people were stranded. Cebu pacific was offering a free shuttle transfer to Caticlan jetty port. We declined the offer because we had an agreement with Tan's guesthouse.

After a few minutes, we called Tan's guest house as we haven't seen anyone with a placard who will pick us up at the airport as agreed. We were told that the driver was in the area and is on it's way already. It would reach the airport approximately in 15 minutes. But 2 hours has passed and only then the the driver reached the airport and surprisingly, it was not us he was scheduled to pick up but their customers at 9:00 AM flight. How would we react?! Of course we were so mad! The person we spoke with lied to us. They could have tell us that there was a lapse on their side, they failed to put our names in their record but they can include us in their 9 am pick up schedule. That way we can still have some time to have breakfast or rest a little more
I said lapse on their side because we mailed them after paying our down payment and we called them on the phone in the evening to confirm the pick up time. And so we reached Caticlan jetty port at around 10 to 10:30 am.

We ride boat which is good for 25 pax, after 30 minutes we were in Boracay. The receptionist apologises again to us for what had happened.We were not able to tell her that we should have received some compensation for the 2 hours delay, we have been practicing for it and polishing our words so we won't say something bad. Well, even though we have not said something, they have given us a room just very near the beach which is good for 4 pax :-). Not bad huh. This is room 1.

This is the queen size bed (maybe)


TV is working. Cabinet has hangers unlike other resorts

Faucet in the lavatory is working as well as the refrigerator :)

CR is clean and spacious, there is hot and cold shower working great.
After a few hours of preparing our things, we had our lunch at a nearby restaurant which is also owned by Tan's guest house. The food serving is just right and the food, taste good and very much budget-friendly. Our  lunch "silog" was complete with drink for only Php85.00

Afterwards, roamed around to scout for activities that we would like to do and get the corresponding price. The first thing we decided to do was zorb, we thought we had made a good bargain for it. Surprisingly hindi pala, because we were fooled, hindi pala dun sa zorb area na na-feature featured in sports unlimited or kris tv yung pupuntahan namin but the guy kept saying na yun yung pupuntahan namin. It was in dreamland, the experience was different from the second attempt that we had but at least we tried to know how would it be.

Yung feeling na, para kang bata na binigyan ng candy and then babawiin din pala, the feeling was bitin as it was short and not at par with my expectation. After that experience we just decided to stay near the beach had our picture taking somewhere instead of swimming. The water was not as clean as before because of the recent typhoon. Seaweeds were everywhere. Had our dinner at the same restaurant - 928 Cafe & Grill.

December 28, 2013

Luckily, when we were roaming around the day before, we bumped into agents just near the place we were staying at, offering a Zorb experience which was way better than the one we had. We decided to get the whole activities from him. Rates were cheaper than what others were offering. We did not try other activities such as island hopping, snorkeling and ATV as we had tried them already when we first visit Boracay.

I find parasailing more relaxing than any other activity, though more like a romantic thing to do with your love one. Pwedeng pwede sya sa taong may fear of heights, after that masasabi nya na sisiw lang ang activity na ito. Why? Kasi I have personally heard that from someone who has height-frights and he was a man! Kwento pa nga nya the highest that he ever reached was just second floor of a building, kaya naman he was really nervous doing this. His wife and daughter was more brave and adventurous than him, LOL. Nakasabay namin sila.
You may either agree to pull you down or not at all, it's all up to you. If you would prefer to sink have of your body in the water, it's kinda fun :). Afterwards, you will be pulled up again in the air. REMEMBER, if you have motion sickness do take Bonamin so you wouldn't spoil it and vomit in the air. That happened to me :(, I kept myself from vomiting while I was in the boat, so there.

After parasailing, Zorb activity was next.

This was the booth where we found our tour agent, just near Shenna's resort and our room in Tan's guest house.
Below picture will show kung gaano kahaba yung run nung zorb ball :-).
Eto yung mga paglalagyan sa inyo, you have two choices. The white one is just for those who would like extra adventure. No water inside just you with the harness. While the yellow ones, with water inside and I think na mas masaya or takot lang talaga akong mahilo ulit :-). When I experienced this, nawala yung hilo ko nung nag para sail ako, as in.
 Below was the free shuttle we used going to the zorb area.

 You may also do the Zorb run over. Daraanan ka lang naman ng bola na may lamang tao sa loob nito. We had fun doing that thing. And hindi naman masakit, some would like to do it like yung parang hinahabol ka ng bola and then you would dive. But it's kinda scary because you might get injured if you wouldn't follow the instruction. We didn't do it, I don't wanna be injured.

The last was helmet diving. Do not do this activity if your departure is within the day, it's uncomfortable. Suggest to do it as your first activity. Then you can do Zorb, parasailing and then Zorb again :D. I really had fun doing zorb isn't it obvious? :D.

I got scared doing helmet diving kasi lagi akong nabibingi and the pressure was really just uncomfortable. I literally panicked when the diver left me alone under the water to assist my sister naman. As it was her turn to go down. I frequently felt that my helmet would leave me.. huhuhu. Then while we were under, not much beautiful fishes nor corals to see. Corals were destroyed and we couldn't even go further from our boat kasi parang tinatangay ako ng current ng water. :(. But I am still happy that I did it kasi I wouldn't be wondering how it would feel doing this.

Expenses excluding airfare:
Terminal fee v.v: Php 400.00
Environmental fee: Php 75.00
Dreamland zorb: 300.00
Tricycle fare to dreamland: Php75.00
Helmet diving: Php 700.00 with CD for pictures and video - 30 minutes (JALS service)
Parasailing: 700.00 - 15 minutes (peak hours it could go above 1,000.00)
Zorb - Php 300.00 with free shuttle service (full or not with people)
Food - Php 85.00 per meal
Airport to Resort transfer - Php700 to 1,000

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lemery, Batangas

May 19, 2012

As we would like to celebrate our mom's birthday, we decided to go to Batangas which is the nearest beach destination from the Metro and because "It's Summer na! Beach time na!". After searching and inquiring from various resorts, we chose La Suena Brisa Resort. It looks very nice and the price is very affordable which definitely fits our budget. Kayang-kaya talaga, dami ba naman namin eh :D, hindi lang naman kasi pamilya eh kasama pati yung iba naming pamangkin sa pinsan.

When we arrived, we went to the reception area to validate our reservation. It was just a few meters away from the gate. 
Reception Area

When we saw the place we were convinced that we made a good decision of choosing the place because 1) It was clean 2) Safe 3) We can enjoy both the pool and the beach 4) We can order food from fast food chains such as Greenwich, Max's and the likes and have it delivered to the resort. Safe because on the beach side there was  a guard. Prohibiting sellers to go inside the resort. But of course you still have to mind your things just to be extra careful.

water to wash away the sands after going to the beach

guard on duty on the beach side
The beach water was actually clear and not too salty, but the fine black sands made the water look black. Outside the gate by the beach, there were people offering island hopping for a cost of 150 per person. The sand was whiter as some of those people and bloggers said. Here's one of the the place you can go to, just click - Binukbok Resort
Admission fee: Php150.00/head
Cabana for 12 pax: Php1,000.00
Jeep rental (day trip): Php5,000.00
Downpayment: Php500.00
We brought our own food, there was griller at the area just bring your own charcoal and needed utensils.
For more information visit their site:

How to get there by bus:
Go to Jamliner Terminal in Pasay route Lemery
Drop off to Lemery terminal
Take tricycle going to La Suena Brisa approx. 10-15 minutes just tell the driver to drop you off to the resort.

By private vehicle, just download the map found on the resort's site :p because we only rented a jeep so the driver should have known how to get there.

You may contact their mobile: 0917-8907345 they respond quickly ;-)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

Planning a summer outing for a day is difficult let alone finding a good place to enjoy summer for a group with kids. You have to consider a lot of things: (1) price (2) proximity (3) convenience.

We thought of going to Grotto Vista which is very near, there is no need to rent a vehicle but just take a bus ride going to Tungko and another jeepney ride going to the resort. We rented a nipa hut which costs only Php300.00 good for 8-10 persons it was very near the pools for children. We arrived at the resort around 8:30 am, some of the pools were still closed for public. The place has various pools and nipa huts. Not much people in the morning so the water in those pools were still clean though after lunch, the resort gets crowded and when we returned to open pools, marumi na and the only pool na not crowded and quite clean ay yung 6 feet deep. Shower rooms were okay, pool's chlorine was not too strong.

If you are planning to go there, be there as early as 7 am, do not think of an overnight stay. How would i rate the resort? On a scale of 1 to 10, it's 4. Would I go back? Maybe, but probably in the morning just to beat the heat or maybe i would just buy a kiddie pool in the mall and just pour deep-well water :D.

We did not take pictures because we felt too lazy to do it, puyat kasi eh. Just browse at their website and everything's there.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bolinao, Pangasinan

After visiting Manaoag church for a short period of time, we headed to Bolinao bloggers were boasting about. There was no direct bus route to Bolinao so we had to take a van going to Dagupan. Below travel time includes the waiting time, and rates are per head. Once you reach Alaminos go left towards CSI Mall, you will pass the Colegio De San Jose De Alaminos to catch a mini bus going to Bolinao, drop off at Victory Liner or Five star bus terminal.

Day 1 - Ilog-Malino
11:45 am - 12:45 am  Manaoag to Dagupan Terminal           Php 30.00
12:45 am - 2:30 pm  Dagupan Terminal to Alaminos                  65.00
 2:50 pm - 4:00 pm Alaminos to Bolinao                                  45.00
 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm D' Heredero Resort (Biboy Odero) 10 kms from town proper

Going to the resort would probably costs 75.00 one way but we didn't pay because it was included in the package. We didn't check out other resorts because it was already late and besides the room was nice and affordable which is good for 6 to 10 persons. The rates below is for off-peak season. You may want to contact Biboy at 0920-452-6157/ 0921-448-5057 for the updated price. It has only 4 rooms as this was a just a 2-year old resort and there was no amenities. It is good for someone who would just like to rest and enjoy the quite moment as you could only hear the breakwater. 

Php 1,500.00   Room with or without A/C, no charge for extra bed (private bathroom), room is good for 6 to 8 persons
         200.00 - Picnic Hut which is free for room occupants
Transport service (tricycle)
         800.00 - Tour - Bolinao Falls
         600.00 - Tour - Patar Beach, Wonderful Cave, Lighthouse



Room is good for 6-8 persons

Place for you to cook your foods
lavatory faucet was not working, you can use a dipper
flush was working

shower has low pressure so you may wanna use the pale & the dipper.

The resort could be perfect for a person looking for a serene place and it would also be nice if they have hammocks. The air was just so right that you could easily relax and fall asleep.


I fell asleep in this nipa hut after we had our lunch, the breeze of air was very fresh and free from pollution

Break-water was far because it was low tide at that time. The place was not crowded, well actually we were the only customers they had =).

sand was not as fine and white as boracay but it doesn't matter

my feet were sink in the clear water of Ilog-Malino =)

Our dinner costs Php 737.00 - It has 1 pc medium-sized Tilapia,  1 pc medium-sized  Bangus, 1 pc medium-sized squid (seafoods cost roughly Php 400-500), small serving of vegetables, Rice. Just inform the guard that you are going to dine in Puerto Del Sol, after your dinner get a stub from the restaurant which you will present to the guard on your exit. The food we ordered was okay.  Restaurants are just too far though you can find some "carinderia" which the locals were serving but they closed as early as 5 pm, so  before you go anywhere better buy your stuffs in the town proper.  Even if you stayed in other resorts you won't find any fast foods other than their own restaurant.

Day 2 - Bolinao Falls, Samang Norte

8:30 am - 9:15 am Town Proper 

 The next day, were brought Adoras Restaurant in the town proper for our breakfast. They served goat's meat as their specialty but we didn't order that. We had pork barbecue that costs Php45/stick with a cup of rice that costs Php 10.00 for a total of P55 with free soup and water. The food was just fine but if there were other affordable restaurants that serve good meals we might prefer that.

It was a little bumpy ride going to Bolinao Falls, half of the road was still under construction. Biboy had a rough time driving the tricycle, we saw him massaging his thigh from time to time.

9:15 am to 10:00 am Samang Norte
Bolina has 2 private-owned falls named as Bolinao Falls 1, 2 which are 20 km. away from town proper. Falls 1 was closed already due to non-maintenance of the owner. Falls 2 is open to public which charges the following fee for its maintenance:

Php 10.00 - Motorcycle
       15.00 - Tricycle
       20.00  - Car
       35.00  - Bus

Cottage: Php300.00

The guy in the back with orange short and holding a gatorade is Biboy

We were also informed that there's 3rd falls which was still unexplored unexplored and the residents were hoping that the gov't would succeed in buying that out  as it was private-owned property. These 3 falls are interconnected. 

We thought the falls was as big as in Sagada's but we were wrong because it was a mini-falls. The upper side is safe for kids while the lower part of the falls is for adults,

This lower side is approximately 4 to 5 feet deep, water is cold but a little green due to moss on the stones which you might slip on so one should be very careful. Should you decide to swim there's a cubicle which you can change your clothes but there is no shower area. There are also picnic hut which you can rent if you would like to stay longer and eat. The place closes at 5 pm.

We just stayed and rest for a few minutes then went back to Heredero to eat our lunch.

11:45 - 11:30 am - Back to Resort 

1:45 pm - 2:15 pm - Patar's Rock Formation
Entrance fee: Php 5.00 (this area is a private property)

The view from this area of Patar Beach was just magnificent. We didn't get the chance to swim on the water, we were forbidden by our driver cum tour guide as the waves were strong that might caught and drag us away from the shore. We were told that some big artists visited this place for photo shoot. We just followed their lead =) and we had fun.

Waves could reach as high as this rock during high tide

2:10 pm to 2:27 pm -  Bolinao Light house

It is the second tallest light house in the Philippines built in 1905 providing the panoramic view of the South China Sea. It has an over-all total 134 steps, but unfortunately it's keeper  was not around so we weren't able go to the top of it.  

Lighthouse is operated by the solar panel above hence the keeper visits the place once in a while. We roamed around and we found dilapidated building, they say that these were being occupied before but after a few years was abandoned. It's just so sad that these were not utilized, this could be a restored and make as a school, most of the schools I've seen are just too far from the residents area. 

There are concrete tables outside so one can have a picnic should you wish to stay a little longer. 

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm  Patar public beach

Patar Beach has no entrace fee as it is a public beach, if you decide you stay you can rent cottages or hut. Even though Treasures of Bolinao Resort was far from where I was, the Rock formation they were boasting about was, in my opinion, no better than what we've just seen in the other part of Patar. The beach was jammed-packed with people and that there were grasses on the water so we decided to just roam around besides we only had few minutes to stay because we still need to go to wonderful cave.

Bolinao Treasures Resort

2:10 pm to 3:30 Enchanted Cave

Enchanted Cave is 13 km away from the town proper. The cold water flowing in the cave is natural water coming from the sea. This is a perfect place for someone who doesn't like to have a tan skin. It is 5 to 6 feet deep and very clear, children can also swim if you'd bring lifebuoy with you. Food and drinks as well as soap and shampoos are not allowed. They have picnic area if you'd like to eat. Cave is open until 5:00 pm.

Php 50.00 - Entrance (add 20.00 if you'd like to swim)

2-wheel - Php10.00
3-wheel -      15.00
4-wheel -      25.00

4:30pm to 5:00pm Back to the Resort
5:00 - 6:00 Off to Five star terminal
7:00 - 1:00 am Back to Manila

There are other caves but we decided not to go there due to:
1) We're on a budget
2) Enchanted cave is the best among others based on some bloggers' review

Other interesting place to visit:                                 Distance from Bolinao Town proper

St. Claire Monastery -                                                                       8 km
Bolinao Museum
Tara Falls - (with 1-hr Hiking)                                                          17 km
Mangrove Nursery
St. James Church                                                                          Town proper
Balingasay River                                                                              6 km 

Other Resorts in Patar:
Solomon's Paradise Bar &Grill - 0905-398-1470/0928-474-8845
Remy's Beach Resort (18 km) - 0909-952-9577
Betty's Beach Resort (18 km) - 0930-337-8289
Costa del Fuego (18 km) - 0999-800-8296
Hondrada Open Cottages (18 km) - 0929-374-1489

Expenses for two:
Fares                    1,722.00
Accommodation    1,500.00
Tour                    1,400.00
Entrances                180.00
Lunch 2x                 468.00
Dinner 1x                737.00
Breakfast 2x            240.00
Total                   6,247.00