Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pasig City

July 21, 2013

For the past weeks I was not feeling very well, my back was aching most of the times. I wanted to find a place that could ease the pain, having a massage was not my priority as my previous experiences with it was not that good. I don't usually go to spa or any place for a massage for that matter, I would just lie my back when at home doing nothing and it usually works but not this time.

So I started eyeing for a spa to check it if will work  and make my body relax. I have heard from my officemate that there is a spa nearby - Ace Water Spa. I have been looking forward of going to this place but because of the proximity of the place, I could not materialize my plan of going there.

I asked my siblings if they wanted to go but they other plans, so that leaves me alone.