I am not an expert when it comes to travel. I'm just a newbie on this matter. But there is only one thing that makes me alive - I enjoy life!. I love going to places that give pleasures to my mind, body and soul. Beautiful places and events that rejuvenates us. Places I've conquered and soon will be conquered.

About the Author

Since I was a child, my family is fond of out of town trips. Most of our vacation destinations were near the Metro. We would always go to beaches such as Batangas.

But when I started earning my own money, it has changed. We travel as near as Batangas to as far as South East Asia. Travelling is now part of my life...The year wouldn't pass without me going to places where I could possibly have a real vacation - away from stressful life of WORK!

As a person who has a very constraint financial situation.  I can definitely tell everyone that you don't have to be rich to travel and indulge in the beauty of nature. Get the vacation you definitely enjoy! These days, you could afford an airline ticket for less than  php1000.00 because most of the airlines nowadays are offering cheap fares anywhere in the Philippines even anywhere in the Southeast Asia. So, "Enjoy life to the fullest!"


At first I thought that this blog is just for travel but later on I realize that I should also post things about anything under the sun. (Akala ko pang travel lang ang maipo post ko but then I realized why not also add some posts which does not actually about travels but just anything or everything under the sun and so the facial treatment post was born :)

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